Blanket Making | Morrow Gospel Church | Winnipeg, MB
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Blanket Making

A group of people meets on Mondays in the church basement, during the day during the winter months to sew blankets for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). We do this in January, February, March and end in April, usually before Easter. Men help to set up and take down work tables, some ladies cut squares, some sew blanket tops on site or at home, blanket layers are put together and stitched, and some people tie the layers together. All the fabrics are washed and ironed to make good looking blankets, (people who experience disaster also appreciate attractive things).
BlanketsMCC is the relief and social service agent for the Mennonite Churches. The blankets are distributed to people who experience disaster, unrest, or war. Most of them are sent to Syria where the people have lost their homes and possessions. Some blankets are also distributed locally where there is a need.
We look for donations of new or nearly fabric. When that supply is exhausted we can purchase from MCC warehouse or wherever we find bargains. The blankets should be warm, usually three layers, because even in hot climates nights can be cold, especially in desert or mountainous areas.
To raise funds to purchase material we hold an annual Soup and Dessert Fundraiser Lunch on a Sunday after the morning service. Everyone is welcome stay for fellowship, food, and to make a donation for a worthy cause.
Some of the funds raised have also been used for MCC school supplies and /or hygiene kits, which are also distributed in needy areas.
The work among the Mennonite people includes starting schools for better education for the children. We have been able to subsidize the tuition. Some families have four, five, or more children in school at one time and tuition costs takes much of the family income. Last winter we completed and delivered 75 (I believe I last year it was 120, I will check) blankets to MCC, a record number for us. With your help we can work together this coming winter to equal that number or do more.