Global Partnerships | Morrow Gospel Church | Winnipeg, MB
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Global Partnerships


Go Mission


Mennonite Disaster Service


Mennonite Central Committee

Associate Missionaries

Taylor and Julia Stutts
Fire & Fragrance Ministries

Taylor and Julia are based out of Kona, Hawaii where they have lived for the last 6 years. They moved there with a close group of friends, on a word from the Lord and an invitation from the base leadership. The purpose was to pioneer in the areas of worship and prayer and training. During their time there, the Lord has birthed a ministry called Fire & Fragrance. They are involved in the leadership of this ministry and help hands on with running the Fire & Fragrance training schools. In 2012, another ministry called The Circuit Riders was birthed out of Kona. This is also a training school focused on quick activation and evangelism.

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EFC-LogoThe Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (l’Alliance évangélique du Canada) is the national association of evangelical Christians in Canada. It gathers Evangelicals together for impact, influence and identity in ministry and public witness. Since 1964 the EFC has provided a national forum for Evangelicals and a constructive voice for biblical principles in life and society. The EFC affiliates include denominations, ministry organizations, educational institutions and individual congregations, who uphold a common statement of faith. The EFC also has more than 15,000 supporting individuals.

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