Mid-Life | Morrow Gospel Church | Winnipeg, MB
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We have 2 groups ministering to people in the middle season of life.


  • LIFE Group is a group for ages 45 and up. We get together 6 times a year—once every 2 months. Our meetings are usually held on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons. Our activity for each meeting varies widely, but we always seem to have food
  • Depending on the hosts of that particular meeting, we may have a movie night, a bonfire, play board games, have a themed party or whatever.
  • We are a group of people that just like getting together to chat and have fun, the activity is secondary. We realize that doing life is difficult at times and we want to encourage each other in our journeys.
  • L.I.F.E. – Living In Faith Every day is a great acrostic but we all need help from time to time. We prize friendship very highly and are always looking for others to join us.

25 to LIFE

25 to LIFE is a group of adults between the ages of 25-45(ish). Currently, we get together every other month for a potluck lunch after our Sunday morning service. Bring a main dish, side dish or dessert (and your family!) and join us for a time of food and fellowship.