What We Believe In | Morrow Gospel Church | Winnipeg, MB
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What We Believe

What We Believe…

In the beginning was God – the One True Eternal God.
In his holiness and love, God chose to create a world, completed by the creation of human beings in his own image. He wants us to walk in fellowship with him, in light and in love. Though we are intended to reflect his glory and to govern, we disobey and fall short of his glory. Despite our separation, God continues to desire relationship with us. He makes himself known through creation, the people of Israel, the Bible, and ultimately the incarnation of Jesus. As we learn to listen to God through the Bible, our lives will be re-formed in his image and we will grow in wisdom.

Jesus is our Redeemer and King
As you listen to God through Scripture you will get to know Jesus, for one of the most important tasks of the Bible is to reveal Jesus to us. Jesus is the King, come to establish God’s kingdom of justice and peace. Many rejected him and his message and this ultimately led to his death. This seeming failure, however, turns out to be God’s great victory. With the death and resurrection of the perfect God-Man, the penalty of death imposed on humankind for its rebellion is wiped out. The power of evil is broken and God’s kingdom is established. Now those who repent and trust in Jesus are restored to relationship with God and enter into new life in his kingdom.

The Holy Spirit – God’s Empowering Presence
The new life of following Jesus is empowered by God’s indwelling presence, the Holy Spirit. His empowerment for discipleship is essential because God’s Kingdom exists alongside the kingdom of the world.

God’s kingdom is counter-culture
Generosity, servant hood, servant leadership, inclusion, love and peace characterize it. While it is present, we anticipate its full and eternal completion when Jesus the King returns. This promise of a completed kingdom motivates us to live this present life with kingdom values.

We are not alone in this kingdom life
Followers of Jesus join a like-minded fellowship, a new family, the Body of Christ, that we call the Church. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are important symbols of our life together in Christ. The Church exists to proclaim and demonstrate God’s reign, carrying out his mission in the world.