Meet Our Pastor | Morrow Gospel Church | Winnipeg, MB
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Meet Our Pastors

Jacob D. Friesen

Lead Pastor

I deeply love Jesus and the people he brings into my path. I am thrilled to be the Lead Pastor at Morrow Gospel, but the real strength of the Church comes from the great leaders and volunteers that I am able to grow and serve with.

My wife Arlene and I began our journey with the wonderful folks at Morrow during Christmas of 2013.  We believe God has amazing things in store for us and invite you to join us on this journey!  The Church started almost 50 years ago, and now, this great facility is in the midst of a vibrant, increasingly diverse and growing neighborhood. We value the grace that is required and grows when people from different generations and cultures serve together in the love of Christ. Morrow is a place where we treasure the wisdom of our elders and embrace the passion of our youth.


JacobMy wife and I are graduates of Tyndale Seminary and have served as a pastor couple for the majority of our married lives. We have a big heart for missions and immigrants. As recreational activities, we enjoy cycling, kayaking and running.  I love coffee and dream of having a café racer one day!

Paul Epp

Pastor of Care


I am so excited to have started here at Morrow a few years ago (January 2017). I grew up attending here with my family and God has lead me away and back again, and now into the role of Pastor of Care. Praise Him!

I love Jesus, and feel as I push more into my relationship with Him, that I feel a greater need for Jesus followers to be a light into our world. I believe in the calling to “love one another”, strive to be more Christ-like, and my wife Laurel and I are so excited to be a part of this very beautiful community, together with our daughters Nova and Zaylia.


I value the authentic, genuine relationships that are visible in moments before/after morning services and throughout the week as we serve each other and our St. Vital community.


My two loves are people and creation. The beautiful ways of being relational with each other with Christ’s love, as well as time spent canoeing and exploring the back-country of the wilderness! Whether in the moments watching a 7 year old comfort a grieving widow, or staring up at the northern lights: He is there!


Fishing, wildlife photography and basketball are a few of my personal loves. Find me on Instagram @pauleppic