Special Events | Morrow Gospel Church | Winnipeg, MB.
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Morrow Gospel Asian Service

Morrow Gospel Asian Church Service

**The Sunday evening worship services of the Morrow Gospel Asian Church have been suspended until the end of 2017. Yousuf Sodager, pastor of the Asian Church, has been released of all pastoral duties. The Advisory Committee for the Asian Church remains intact and anticipates planning several special events for the Asian congregation in the coming months. Please let us know if you are interested in attending these special events and we will send you an invitation.**


Every Sunday at 5:30pm a group of joy-filled followers of Jesus meet to worship and pray together in Urdu, Punjabi & Hindu with summaries in English.


This ministry is led by Pastor Yousuf Sodager (currently on leave) – an ordained pastor – and many wonderful men and women from various languages and backgrounds. After the worship service, we experience warm fellowship over chia and biscuits.


Please join us. Everyone is welcome!


Pastor Yousuf also enjoys making home visits and leading families in prayer. Contact the church office at info@morrowgospel.org or 204.257.2500




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